About Us

MT-Power Electronics Limited has been engaged in sales of power supplies and electronic components to the United Kingdom market since 2007. This is a small company which has firm and long-standing relationships with customers in the UK, Germany, Ukraine etc. We provide deliveries of world-renowned manufacturers of the following products:
  • AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters (Traco, Cosel, Peak, Artesyn, MT-Power)
  • Active and passive electronic components (Vishay, Ixys/Clare)
  • Connectors (Molex)
  • High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductor - HVCRC (Mercury Cable & Energy)
  • Light-Emitting Diodes (Seoul Semiconductor)
  • Lenses (Ledil, Ledlink Optics)
  • Displays (Beneq)
We also offer our customers contract manufacturing which that is based in Ukraine. Since last year we have been promoting our own digital oscilloscopes and laboratory power supplies under the SEA trademark. MT-Power Electronics Limited is constantly increasing its range of supply products to meet the requirements of customers in different sectors of the market. We provide our customers with all required technical information and support.